Top international motorcycle routes (part 4)

Top international motorcycle routes (part 4)

motorcycle-routeToday we’ll be concluding our look at some top international motorcycle routes, and we’re starting in a very unexpected place.

Southern Norway

Norway isn’t probably the first place that springs to mind when you think ‘motorcycle routes’, but make no mistake about it, this chilly Scandinavian country is home to a great number or wonderful routes, perfect for two-wheels.

We’re keeping to Southern Norway – the least cold part of the country – and you can start in Kristiansand to make a loop, heading as far north as towns of Dombas and Olden before you go towards the west coast.

While avoiding the chilly north, you will still be venturing into mountainous and fjord-lined terrain, which is botch challenging and picturesque.

Christchurch to Auckland

New Zealand, land well known for being home to hobbits, elves and all manner of Tolkien-inspired vistas, it takes a long time to get there, but once you’re there, you can take on the challenge of touring the entire place on your motorcycle.

The country features a plethora of geographical wonders allowing the rider to pass by mountain peaks and volcanoes one day, then you pass by lush forests and glaciers the next day, it can be an awe-inspiring trip to say the least.

Considering how long the trip to New Zealand will take, we suggest that you make this holiday last for at least two weeks, because that’s the only way to truly enjoy it, not to mention get acclimated with the time zone and weather in general.

The Western Alps

Starting off in Zurich, Switzerland, this is one of the best routes to ride for those with a lust for extreme mountain roads, cold air and great food. You can cross into Germany through its Black Forest and then reach France’s Alsace region. Once there you can follow the Alps and visit some wonderful little towns.

The highlight of this tour would be the mountain-pass of Col du Galibier.

This concludes our list of motorcycle routes, obviously there are many more, we just focused on ten of them in total. Keep in mind that most if not all of these routes will be just as exciting if you were to navigate them with a rental car.