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Travel destinations for getting some ink (part 2)

Travel destinations for getting some ink (part 2)

Today we’re continuing our look at some of the best travel destinations for getting some ink that you can find around the world. Tattoos are a special tradition all around the globe, with different design styles, techniques, meanings and symbolism, and if you’re into body art, then you’ll surely want to take a permanent memento with you from your trip.

Henna Souq in Fez – Morroco

Henna is the choice for many who are interested and curious about getting tattoos, but are still unsure whether or not they should have a permanent drawing on their skin. Henna is an orange-red paste that is applied to the skin and washes away in a few weeks. Morocco has a tradition of women decorating their hands and feet in henna with arabesque whirls for weddings, while the boys use the temporary drawing before circumcision ceremonies in order to protect them against evil spirits.

Tucked deep in the old walled medina of the Fez, there is an entire souq – market – dedicated to henna and the art around it, check it out while you’re there, it’s like an atmosphere from a different time.

Yokohama Tattoo Museum in Yokohama – Japan

This is where Horiyoshi III set up shop where he specializes in Japan’s age-old culture of full-body tattoos featuring intertwining dragons, koi and other mythic images.

The process of getting a traditional Japanese tattoo of this sort is a massive endeavor, it can take up to five years of weekly visits and can cost up to thirty thousand dollars, it’s neither for the weak hearted, nor those with thin wallets. This is the main reason why the Yakuza are by far the most famous practitioners.

Even if you can’t afford the pain or the cost, you can still visit the museum and see some truly wonderful photos of tattooed Yakuza as well as the traditional tools of the trade and weirdly enough, shrunken heads and stuffed tigers.