Holiday destinations for fitness enthusiasts (part 2)

Holiday destinations for fitness enthusiasts (part 2)

Continuing our look at some holiday destinations for fitness enthusiasts, today we’ll be taking a look at some farther out destinations and activities.

Wildfitness – Kenya

This is the place to get to know your inner hunter-gatherer at a nature-oriented fitness resort in the cradle of humanity, Africa. The activities that you’ll undertake here are quite varied and are called ‘wild moving’ basically swimming, climbing and barefoot running, but they’re coupled with ‘wild eating’ – which basically means eating lots of meats, fruits and vegetables, no dairy or processed foods – and some ‘wild living’ thrown in, things like good sleep habits and ‘tribal bonding’ with others.

Detox retreat in Bagus Jati, Bali – Indonesia

This is a place where New Age-meets-Eastern retreat offering a wide plethora of detox regimes promising to cure one of everything from anxiety to bloated stomachs. You can find the place in Bali’s Ubud district, set on a steep emerald hillside, these villas overlook a lush and misty valley of ferns and betel nut palms.

The daily treatments offered here range from acupuncture to herbal teas to mud wraps, and for your exercise there’s a yoga pavilion and there are also five-hour predawn treks available.

Bikini Bootcamp, Tulum – Mexico

The setting is a most wonderful stretch of golden beach on the Yucatan Peninsula, but the program’s name is pretty representative of what it is: bootcamp.

The schedule has your day beginning at 6:45 AM, when you start with grueling vinyasa yoga classes to then go rock some beach volleyball games to then working on your abs. there is some downtime however, filled with swimming in the local cenotes – water-filled sinkholes – or hiking through the Mayan ruins of Tulum.

We’ll talk about some more such destinations in the future, but till then keep in mind that even if you’re going on a fitness holiday, you’ll still need some transportation, and that’s where some car rental services come in very handy.