Sri Lanka – Paradise for beach lovers

Sri Lanka – Paradise for beach lovers

Sri Lanka is a destination that overwhelms one’s senses, with an air that is heavy with the scent of jasmine, richly spiced food and a landscape of utter beauty. The radiant green rice paddies alongside forests of swaying palm trees and mountains sprinkled with tea plantations are a wonderful and almost otherworldly sight, truly bewitching. But despite all of those, many people know Sri Lanka for only one feature: the beach.

The range of beach-related possibilities is huge here, from chick beachside hotels, to driving across glowing coral reefs, to surfing on sandbars or simply laying about taking it all in, here’s a look at some of the best beaches that Sri Lanka has to offer.


The coconut-colored beaches around Tangalla are bathed in lazy azure waters and a favorite for divers and snorkelers. Tangalla marks the dividing line between the tropical coves of the southwest coast and the wave-lashed beaches of the southeast corner of the island.


This is one of the most popular beaches with visitors, being a place to sit back in a hammock and just relax. The most activity that you can expect to engage in at Mirissa is a waterborne safari in search of blue whales, the largest living creatures on the planet, you’re not guaranteed a sighting, but if you do see one, it’s something truly wonderous.

Arugam Bay

This is according to many the best surfing beach in Sri Lanka, but even if you’re not into surfing there are still many other draws here, such as the crocodile-filled mangrove swamps as well as the elephant-packed national parks.

Uppuveli Beach

This is an up-and-coming beach, having been out of bounds during the dark years of this country’s civil war. Peace means now that people can come here and enjoy the attractions of the glittering coral gardens of Pigeon Island.