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Top value travel destinations (part 2)

Top value travel destinations (part 2)

Let’s see about some top value travel destinations for this year’s summer holiday, there are surely many out there that you might not have thought about, and we’ll talk about a couple right now located on the American continent.

Northeastern USA

Of course when you think of the American northeast large cities like New York, Boston or Washington DC, value travel doesn’t really come in mind, but there are ways around that.

There’s been a recent boom in budget bus companies and these bus routes can connect to a range of other places in the region like Philadelphia, Toronto, Pittsburgh or Charlotte. These trips are dirt-cheap and they can allow you to jump around the region without spending money on airplane tickets, so it might make it a much more plausible trip than initially thought.

Iquitos, Peru

Going onto South America now for a trip to Peru and particularly Iquitos, the world’s biggest city that is not reachable by road, located in the Amazon region.

Booking a five-day Amazon cruise can cost you a boat-load, but dealing directly with the Iquitos inhabitants can cut those prices to at least half because they can tailor trip to venture into piranha fishing spots, or going to look for pink dolphins in the Allpahuayo Mishana national Reserve. Those are just a very few of the activities and mysteries that can be explored in the Amazon; the best time to visit is during October or November, when it’s still the dry season and before the summer crowds show up.

San Francisco, USA

Back to North America now, with the city that is expensive to live in, but not that expensive to visit interestingly enough. There are a bunch of boutique hotels which prove to be considerably cheaper than what you’d pay in New York or London. San Francisco is filled with many cheap and free things to do, inexpensive dining can be literally found driving around the street in food trucks, and transportation can mostly be taken care by the public transportation system.