Top value travel destinations (part 3)

Top value travel destinations (part 3)

Today we’ll be finishing our short list of top value destinations with three locations on as many different continents.

Ohrid, Macedonia

It seems like there’s always a race to find the next big thing, or the next hidden gem of Europe. With a very varied geography, a long history, being the home for so many ancient civilizations, one always seems to find new places to discover.

Budget-friendly Macedonia is one such places that is constantly rising in popularity thanks to its rugged, mountainous setting of vineyards, mountain lakes and Byzantine churches, a very Balkan-type setting in fact.

Skopje, the capital is quite lively and modern, however the spiritual heart is three road hours travel west over at Ohrid, a very lively town which features a medieval castle that looks over the church-lined hilly streets and lush coastline of Lake Ohrid; great place to visit and enjoy on a very low-budget.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Vietnam is and has been a good value travel trip for many years now, but you can totally skip the package trips around Ho Chi Minh City because you’ll get to visit something else but the worn-out routes. It has become much easier, very rewarding and just as cheap or even cheaper to go on a personal multiday adventures to various destinations like Bre Tre, Chau Doc and you simply have to go see the floating markets of Vinh Long.

Merida, Mexico

People tend to associate the Yucatan peninsula with beaches, but if you want to get the best experience of food, life and architecture of actual traditional Mexico, then you have to drive a few hours inland to Merida.

This is where you can see and actually stay in historical homes that have been turned into inns, usually at a fraction of what it would cost you to stay in much more popular Cancun resorts. The Spanish colonial centre of Plaza Grande features 16th-century cathedrals and free art museums and during the weekends it hosts dance, food and parties, it’s an incredibly fun and entertaining trip indeed.