Top value travel destinations for 2014 (part 3)

Top value travel destinations for 2014 (part 3)

The new year has barely started, we’re in its third month now and we still have a bunch of entries for our list of top value travel destinations for 2014, so let’s check them out.


You might’ve heard that Mexico has a bunch of budget-busting resorts and you may have only heard about those. While that is true, the same can be said about pretty much any other country in the world, but rest assured that Mexico is still a great value travel destination if you know when to visit and where.

First of all you should avoid periods of US school holidays and go off the established trail, north of Puerto Vallarta for instance you can find laid-back towns like Chacala as well as others with very relaxed ambiances.

You can get some solid value deals even in the tourist heartland of the Yucatan Peninsula and cheap bus tirps to Merida and Tulum will allow you to access the Mayan wonders at a fraction of what a Cancun-based tour would cost.

India – Karnataka

Most of India is still a budget traveler’s paradise – who also needs to have a lot of vaccines before he or she goes there but nonetheless – the secret here is also to not head for the popular destinations where the package trips take you , instead head towards new places like Karnataka’s coast where you’ll find quiet beaches, fishing harbors and peaceful resorts. Lodgings are cheap in the region and visiting most temples and ruins is free.

The Philippines – Palawan

Palawan may not be an actual secret destination but it still rewards those who seek it out. A combinations of jungle rivers, limestone cliffs and great beaches, the place has lots of interesting attractions and not to mention the fact that you’ll be getting fresh seafood every day if you want it. You have to be careful when you visit though, try ot avoid monsoon season which takes place between May and October.

Don’t hesitate to employ some worldwide car rental services when visiting any of these places.