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Top value travel destinations for 2014 (part 1)

Top value travel destinations for 2014 (part 1)

Times are still tight all around the globe and in such times value travel destinations can make a huge difference between going on a trip and not going on a holiday in 2014 so here are some of our top value travel destinations for 2014.

The Greek Islands

Greece has been having a rough couple of years, having to deal with increasing unemployment and harsh austerity measures as well as news of major demonstrations appearing in the world’s headlines.

The country can now only truly rely on its tourism industry to try to get out of this economic hole and the good news is that prices have gone down in order to attract more visitors to the country. Also keep in mind that despite the massive problems that it has went through, its attractions and sights are still there ready and waiting for visitors, so 2014 might just be a great time to visit Greece on the cheap.

Italy’s heel

Traveling to Italy can be quite draining on anyone’s travel budget but the southern part of the country has always been a bit more visitor friendly. This is where you’ll also find arguably the best beaches in the country, hilltop towns as well as ancient sights.

One of the features which make this part of the country much more approachable is the great food called ‘cucina povera’ or poorman’s food. The dishes are simple, tasty and cheap and there pace of life is much more relaxed than the middle or north part of the country.


It’s true that Costa Rica is a great holiday destination, but it isn’t that much of a value travel destination. Nicaragua on the other hand is rapidly making a name for itself for being a cheap destination as well as an A-grade Central American attraction featuring a loads of wonderful and still quasi-secret sights. Not to mention the fact that it is ideal for true budget travelers.



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