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Nicaragua trip

Nicaragua trip

Going on a Nicaragua trip will take you to visit the ‘Land of Lakes and Volcanoes’ with the smoking Volcan Concepcion rising from the pure and silvery Lago de Nicaragua, as a perfect representation of that moto. The nation’s symbols of wind over water and fire from the earth, help to convey the elemental significance of the country’s most powerful passions, poetry and revolution.

Climbing Conception will allow you to get some wonderful views over colonial Granada and the hundred of tiny tropical isletas, or islets, across the slender isthmus which is dotted with crater lakes.

Beyond you can find the red-and-black Volcan Momotombo which tower above Lago de Managua, with its counterpoint of Sandino looming its massive iron silhouette over the landscape and being the defining feature of the Managua skyline.

In terms of cities, there’s proud Leon who beckons with its churches and museum, while the cloud forests, froth with waterfalls and incredible coffee. In the northern part of the country you can find Central America’s mightiest rivers starting their journey across the autonomous and indigenous-owned rolling hills of the Caribbean Coast, to the sea.

Nicaragua Sights

Playa Pie de Gigante is a glorious white sand beach snuggled into the wild forested mountains. It has a reputation of being the place to get cheap lobster, best enjoyed with a servicio of rum at one of them several ramshackle seaside restaurants. Also the beach has great surfing because it has reliable peaks year-round.

Las Isletas

One thing that you might just have to do if you’re visiting Granada is to take a tour of the couple hundreds of islets, or tiny tropical islands which feature rare birds, wonderful flowers and mansions hung with hammocks. You should also visit the Spanish fortress here, the 1784 Castillo San Pablo which has a fine swimming hole nearby.

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