Choosing the right Greek island (part 2)

Choosing the right Greek island (part 2)

As we were saying, Greece has lots of island to choose form, and they cater to a wide range of interests, so we’re continuing our look into choosing the right Greek island that will fit with your holiday plans.

delos-greek-islandBest Greek history – Rhodes, Delos, Corfu, Patmos

Greece is the cradle of Western civilization, their myths and legends have pervaded through many other cultures that they have reached through the millennia, so historic attractions abound pretty much anywhere and everywhere throughout the Hellenic Peninsula, but in this list we’re focusing exclusively on islands.

Rhodes features a magnificent, walled old town, where the Knights of St. John once ruled for about two centuries. The same town also features the 14-th century Palace of the Grand Masters, an absolute must-see if you’re here.

Setting your sights towards tiny Delos – near Mykonos – an island once dedicated to Apollo, this is where you’ll see ruins of shrines to many gods as well as ancient dwellings featuring wonderful mosaics.

Corfu also has a wonderful old town, featuring Venetian, French and British architecture from various periods, and on ethereal Patmos, you simply have to visit the Monastery of St. John the Theologian and see the grotto where the saint wrote the Book of Revelations.

Best Greek eco-friendly travel – Zakynthos, Chios, Crete

Maybe you want to spend your holiday doing some volunteer work, well you can protect the endangered wildlife on Zakynthos, or tend endemic mastic trees on Chios. Or you can enjoy some guilt-free eating and sleeping in some of Crete-s secluded mountain retreats, which are powered by solar energy and survive off their organic farm and general good vibrations.

Best Greek cycling – Evia, Kos, Thasos

Evia features a wonderful network of meandering country roads which make for wonderful stress-free cycling. Kos is another favorite for biking enthusiasts, and it’s populated with many bike-rental places. Thasos at the same time offers some excellent forested trails as well as a very popular international race for mountain biking aficionados.