Exploring Croatia islands (part 1)

Exploring Croatia islands (part 1)

For the uninitiated in the details of European geography, we’d like to bring to your attention the fact that there are Croatia islands to explore, quite a few actually and quite worthy of your holiday time and money. In fact, one of the highlights of a Croatia trip is the islands hopping that can be done with the numerous ferries, catamarans or taxi boats. So let’s take a look at some of the main Croatia islands that you can hop between while on your trip there.


This is Croatia’s most luxurious island and quite possibly the sunniest place in the country. The island is well-known for its verdant and lavender fields as well as its aromatic herbs. You may not know this but it draws the most tourists from the entire Adriatic atoll thanks to its gorgeous city, which is also called Hvar. There are two other towns, Stari Grad and Jelso, which are emerging as very popular alternatives thanks to them being quieter.


Cres is a wild and underdeveloped island, perfect for the more adventurous travelers who would love to wander around primeval forests and visiting ancient hilltop towns, Venetian mansions and swimming in hidden coves and sampling some of the traditional delicious lamb dishes.

Kornati Islands

This is where you’ll find the Kornati National Park, a must-see for all lovers of stark, unspoiled nature and solitude. All of which are offered by the 147 mostly uninhabited islands and reefs, which are carved with cracks, caves and cliffs with the occasional patch of evergreen forest.


This is the biggest of the Adriatic islands, and Brac is host to the country’s most famous beach, the extremely alluring Zlatni Rat, located in the pretty town of Bol. This is a well-known place for windsurfing and sunbathing, and the island also has a gorgeous interior which just asks to be explored.

Once you find yourself in many of these locations, keep some car rental services in mind, because they will surely come in very handy.