Top best beer festivals on the planet (part 3)

Top best beer festivals on the planet (part 3)

This is our last look into the top best beer festivals on the planet and we’re starting by going to Belgium.

Belgian Beer Weekend – Brussels, Belgium

We bet you didn’t know there were enough Belgian beers to garner their own celebration, but there are quite a few beers that take their place in the Belgian Beer Weekend.

During the festival the Brussels market square is transformed into quite an impressive Beerfest, during the first weekend of September. You will find an impressive array of over 350 Belgian beers from Trappist brews through to Pilsners, there’s a lot of choice to be had.

National Winter Ales Festival – Manchester, United Kingdom

Going back to the British Isles for this one, but not to the capital this time, for a rather seasonal affair; this winter-themed festival is organized by CAMRA and takes place in Manchester, considerably further up north than London where the Great British Beer Festival is normally held.

The 2013 festival unfortunately has already happened, in January and it features over 300 beers, bottled real ales, perries and ciders.

CAMRA temps potential visitors to their rather cold festival with the claim that they can find something for everyone, so keep that in mind if you’re planning a winter trip to the UK.

mondial-de-la-biereMondial de la Biere – Montreal, Canada

The Mondial de la Biere is the largest beer festival in Canada and in 2013 it was held from the 29th of May to the 2nd of June.

According to an official stance there were 550 beers, ciders, meads as well as other alcoholic beverages on offer, 229 of which were beers that were actually making their debut at the festival, exciting stuff.

This year was actually the 20th anniversary of MOndial de la Biere and as well as the drinks visitors could also check out some kangaroo and wild board and bison on a stick.

Keep some car rental services in mind when visiting these places but don’t drink and drive.