Lanzarote trip

Lanzarote trip

lanzarote-tripA Lanzarote trip will take you to a very well-known tourist destination, but those who do know of it know that it is a beautiful volcanic island off the coast of western Africa, but it is a part of Spain.

Thanks to its great year-round mild climate, people call it the island of eternal spring and as such it’s a great destination to visit regardless of season, so let’s take a look at what one can expect to find there.


The island’s volcanic landscape is quite possibly its largest attraction, having been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 1993.

The flora and fauna of Lanzarote are extremely unique, the number of endemic plants being really large actually the areas of the Famara cliffs located in the northern part of the island have the most botanical endemism per square kilometer than anywhere else in the rest of Europe.

There are some great of viewpoints offering incredible views, with the most famous being an old artillery position turned into a surrealist restaurant called ‘Mirador del Rio’.

Surfing, scuba diving and snorkel

Lanzarote is very popular with surfers in the know, flocking to the island’s beaches  especially during autumn and winter for some true tubular action.

Those still interested in water-related activities, but who are more into spending time under the waves as opposed to riding them, Lanzarote’s coastline is filled with both scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities, the underwater landscape being a wonderful contrast to the stark and barren volcanic landscape of the island’s surface.


Lanzarote does have great weather as we mentioned earlier, so sunbathing for long periods of time is quite a an activity here because the summers aren’t scorchingly hot, and the winters are usually nice and mild; not to mention the fact that the beaches feature gorgeous volcanic black sand.

One great way of exploring the island is by employing some Lanzarote car hire services.