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Top 5 most beautiful islands in Europe

Top 5 most beautiful islands in Europe

Traveling in general is bound to be an enriching, unforgettable experience and everybody seems to say that they don’t do it half as much as they would like to. But there is something unique in the exotic charm and isolated, quiet life of an island.

This something makes you want to go there for shelter, for peace, for beauty. As you might have guessed, today we would like to talk to you about the Top 5 most beautiful islands in Europe.

5. Mallorca in Spain is the largest island among the Balearics. It is more than an island, it is steeped in history and offers a wide choice of activities to choose from, as well as boasting with a prosperous modern agriculture.

4. Santorini in the Aegean Sea is instantly recognizable – and impossible to forget, with its candy and white colored houses carved in the hills and the twinkling crystal clear waters, black sand beaches and cosy villages with their timeless air. Greece is a place of history and beauty indeed!

3. Capri Island in the south of Italy, in Naples is home to Sophia Loren and many other celebrities. A fishing port in ancient Roman times, Capri was apparently first inhabited by Greek shepherds. It is remarkable because of its dramatic setting, its flora and the beautiful grottoes.

2. Malta is an island-state that lies at the crossroads between civilizations. It is “history live” – 7000 years, to be clearer – and gets over 300 days of sun yearly.

1. Number one on our list is the Tenerife Islands. With around 9 million tourists a year, these Spanish corners of Paradise are both beautifully lively and accessible in terms of price. The warm weather, the Carnival and the wide variety of activities you can opt for here can be counted among the things that attract such popularity.

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