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To 3 Innovative Ways to Travel to Miami Beach

To 3 Innovative Ways to Travel to Miami Beach

Miami Beach has been one of the most sought after vacation spots internationally since 1915. People love the weather, the culture, the clubs, and the incredible choices of food from Caribbean to simple and basic good ole’ American food and sometimes with a unique twist. Now, 100 years later, technology has made traveling to this vacation hot spot more enjoyable, affordable, and fun. Here are a few innovative ways to travel to this desirable coastal destination.
If you’re looking for the specific flight options, is a site that allows you to search for the seat you’re looking for, including whether WiFi is available as well as entertainment. For the more seasoned traveler, this site will offer you both a rating from frequent users for the transportation and the amenities.
Once you’re in Miami Beach there are plenty of places to pick up bike transportation to get around the beach areas and take in the beauty of Miami Beach. The site, has over 700 vendors listed in this area to rent the bike for the day or just a few hours. If you’re staying longer than a few weeks, they will rent by the month as well.
Looking for the perfect hotel, but not able to afford the big bill? There are several youth Hostel Miami Beach has to offer in the SoBe (South Beach) area, e.g. Hostel International Miami Beach. Hostels have gained popularity since they’ve taken on more up-scale boutique environments. The old world style isn’t the focus of HI Miami Beach. You pay a fraction of the cost staying in a hostel, in turn, affording you the extra spending cash for a fantastic refreshing drink or two, souvenir, or whatever your heart desires!



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