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Tips for camping in the autumn (part 1)

Tips for camping in the autumn (part 1)

Some people simply cannot be held back from camping even when the weather turns less than pleasant during the autumn and winter so here are some tips for camping in the autumn.

Protecting your shelter from rain

Camping during the autumn will mean that rain will definitely be a possibility and even the best rain fly can still leak when touched from the inside or outside so throw a few extra tarps and stake a tarp out over the top of your tent so as to ensure that the rain won’t be falling down on your head.

Protect yourself from animals

This one stays true regardless of the season in which you’re camping or the region really, animals should always be a consideration. And we’re not talking about dangerous animals here in regards to which we’re all aware but to the ‘cute and cuddly’ ones such as squirrels or fawns which can visit human camp sites to see if you feed them. There’s a good reason why all national parks have ‘don’t feed the animals’ signs, first of all it makes them not fear humans which can lead to other issues down the line and second of all you might be feeding them foods that aren’t in their normal diet so might cause them to get sick or worse.


Cool crisp morning, warm-ish afternoons and cold evening and nights are the norm for autumn camping so layer your clothing so that you can take off a layer or two when it gets warmer and then add them back on when it gets cold again.


You need to keep it as simple as possible, so focus on bringing foods that are easy to cook and that don’t require neither a  lot of prep-work nor refrigeration. This is where canned foods come in handy which you can easily prepare or simply heat up in one pan. Keep in mind to clean up after you eat so that animals are not attracted to any scraps of food and raid your campsite.



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