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Best travel destinations in exotic places

Best travel destinations in exotic places

Sometimes it’s hard to find the best travel destinations for any particular mood or season, because what’s best for one might not be ideal for another.

When it comes to the best travel destinations for warm or even hot places there are loads to choose from and all of them are ‘best’ for some.

For instance some will prefer to travel to Caribbean islands to enjoy the azure seas, white beaches and the very green forests. This proves to be quite a popular and diverse destination and some choose to travel to Jamaica as their holiday destination in order to experience both traditional and the urban side of the Caribbean.

But that’s just one option for warm destinations another popular choice is to travel to Hawaii where Hollywood especially has trained us to think that ‘paradise’ can be found. And it’s pretty close to that, with the islands featuring wonderful mountains, beaches and waters, the activities are numberless, from hiking to diving – in the same day, and everything in between.

Those interested in a bit more of a Mediterranean destination can travel to Cyprus, an island which has seen signs of civilization from almost as far back as civilization has existed. Sitting at the crossroads of several historic cultures, nowadays Cyprus is a wonderful blend of Greek, Turkish and even some African influences, all of which are planted in a solid Cypriot foundation.

So all of these have been hot and or warm destinations, some could call them exotic but sometimes one can go for exotic without having to necessarily head to a warmer climate.

In such a case those individuals will prefer to travel to Japan for instance, very exotic by definition and extremely strange, weird and fascinating by Western standards. It is so strange because it has its own standards and a culture that has evolved independently from that of the Western world for thousands of years.

So as you can plainly see we talked about several destinations from around the world which can be considered to be the best travel destinations for different people.