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Peculiar places for snow sports (part 1)

Peculiar places for snow sports (part 1)

The winter season is on its way, more rapidly in some places than others, but the Northern Hemisphere is steadily getting chillier and chillier so it’s not out of the ordinary to start considering some vacation destinations for snow sports and today we’ll start looking at just that, but with a twist. We’ll be looking at some unexpected places where one can practice their favorite snowsports.


Yes you read that right India, and particularly its Kashmir region, a place normally associated with political instability, a rather heavy military presence and bears. Well despite all of these issues the hill station of Gulmarg – in the Himalayas – continues to attract an ever-growing number of hardcore winter sports fanatics. The facilities are sparse indeed, but the region does allow the highest gondola-accessible runs in the world and there’s always snow to be had. The most important piece of kit that you’ll need here is a local guide.


More normally associated and often-times features as one of the best destination for fun in the sun, sea and sand but believe it or not, the Big Island’s volcanoes are still mountains and their slopes get quite a bit of winter snow. The dormant volcano isn’t called White Mountain for nothing and it offers some great wilderness skiing or snowboarding, no facilities and you have to get there via a 4X4. The slopes are quite rough so they are not for novices, but those who are just starting off can visit the wonderful astronomical observatories.


More usually associated with rain forests and very dry regions, the country has the Villarrica volcano which hasn’t erupted since 1971 and offers a very exciting slalom down a snow-covered peak, alongside what used to be a river of molten lava. As opposed to the other mentions on this list, here you will find a very well-established ski resort which functions during the southern hemisphere winter, so it’s a great destination for those who’re in the mood to ski during the summer months of the northern hemisphere.

There are still a bunch of peculiar places for snow sports to look at but consider some worldwide car hire services when you visit any of them.



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