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Tie The Knot in Paradise – Caribbean Island Weddings

Tie The Knot in Paradise – Caribbean Island Weddings

Millions of people will plan a wedding this season. They will declare their love for one another in a variety of locations, most of which will be traditional in nature. There’s nothing wrong with that…but there are some that want to explore something more exotic, and that is all found with the greatness of moving into the tropical islands. If you are serious about exploring something unique and you want to really have fun, you will want to explore the Caribbean and all the greatness that is found there.

Tying the knot and making sure that you get moving forward in regards to a wedding requires you agree on where you want to get the ceremony done. The traditional routes of a church or a ballroom are nice, but they do not compare to the tropical weather, foliage, and beaches that are provided with the US Virgin Islands as well as all the beach fronts that are in the area. You will find that the tropical backdrop brings forth a sense of romance that most areas do not offer. The warm sand, the cool breeze, the ocean waves, everything ties together to present a painting of love that two lovers will definitely enjoy immensely.

For those that aren’t sure what they are in for, it’s important to understand that there are two major types of weddings that you can get. They are easily divided into two very easy to choose options.

Villas – The first is one that will find you not only getting a glimpse of nature, but surrounding yourself with it. Villas are constructed in a variety of locations including some that are on top of tropical forestry so that you can see a full view of the greatness that is around the islands. These are built to hold events and are not going to be like other options that you may or may not have explored already.

Beaches – If you want to just get on the beach and get married, that’s a possibility as well. Getting your friends and family to join on the beach and proclaim your love for someone is something that many dream about, but now it’s more than that, it’s a reality that you can get. No matter what type of background you want, you will get something grand in full view.

Finding your way through the beauty and serenity that is in nature today requires you to sift through the available locales. Some of the more popular options include Magens Bay, Lindquist/Smith Bay Beach, St. Peter Mountain Greathouse, Villa Botanica and many more. You will enjoy the most magnificent views, and your friends and family will get a taste of what nature can really showcase.

The islands in the Caribbean have beaches that have been rated as the top locations to travel to in the world. You will not find another venue that will even compete with what you can get from this. It’s for that reason that you should venture away from the norm and enjoy the beauty of the islands today.

Guest Post by Erica Hebert, founder of Weddings the Island Way, a local St Thomas wedding planning company in the US Virgin Islands.



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