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Oman trip

Oman trip

oman-trip, with a mountainous area in the background that is some lonesome in parts that only wolves and hedgehogs can be found there.

An Oman trip is more approachable nowadays because relatively recently a network of roads and graded tracks has been built in the country.

Obviously the place is still a great destination for those who love a more adventure-centric holiday but the coast road from Filim to Shwaymiyah is one that has to be taken into consideration as is the mountain track to the ancient tombs at Gaylah. Both of which have made it possible to penetrate deeper into Oman’s pristine landscapes.

The city of Muscat has been a port hub for many years and nowadays it is an arrival point for everything from goods to cruise ships.

Then there’s the Sharqiya Region where you’ll discover some of the country’s major attractions, such as the beautiful beaches of Sur, the turtle nesting sites in Ras Al-Jinz and the desert dunes of Sharquiya (Wahiba) Sands.

Oman is a great destination for those who are looking for a very rugged, hot and dry adventure, especially if they’re willing to get off the somewhat-beaten track and venture into the desert. That’s the great thing about the country because you can find yourself walking through the desert without needing to mount a major expedition.

But the great secret of Oman’s untouched beauty is out now, and it won’t be long till groups of visitors become the norm so if you’re looking for some solitude you better go as fast as possible.

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