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These are the things to do in Alicante – Part 2

These are the things to do in Alicante – Part 2

These are the things to do in Alicante that we had no time to explore last time. Join us and stay with us for the next minutes as we embark on a virtual journey through the greatest tourist attractions in Alicante and give you the best ideas of activities to perform while in town and its surroundings!

Perched on the hilltop, overlooking the city of Alicante, Santa Barbara Castle, an old medieval fortress, is a beautiful attraction and one of the most emblematic monuments in the region.

The castle has seen a lot of rules and several influences and its function has changed along the centuries from that of a military fortress to castle to renaissance Portuguese royal seat in the times of Philip II to museum today. A lot of cultural events are also organized in the castle, so there is always something to do here, even for the little ones.

The Fine Arts Museum Gravina is one of the most prominent attractions in the historical center of the city of Alicante. You can see some of the best samples of Spanish, local and European art housed in this beautiful location. Some of the most prominent artists to be represented here are Emilio Sala, Antonio Gisbert, Heliodoro Guillén and Joaquin Agrasot. You will surely learn something new and explore one of the best attractions in town.

Basilica de Santa Maria, located in the rustic Santa Cruz quarter, is one of the most recognizable churches in town. It was built in the 13th century by the Catholic monarchs of Spain and has withstood the test of time. It is a place of wonder, where you can marvel at its beauty, but also enjoy a moment’s respite.

Other attractions in Alicante include Playa de Postiguet, The Comtemporary Arts Museum and the Marina.

If you rent a car in Alicante, you can explore them and many more.