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These are the things to do in Alicante – Part 1

These are the things to do in Alicante – Part 1

Summer is here and Spain is the best place to be during the endless days of sun, at least in Europe you’ll hardly find another place to rival with it. These are the things to do in Alicante this summer, if you are contemplating an exotic outing right here on the Old Continent.

The jem of Costa Blanca, Alicante is one of the oldest, most prominent and most beautiful cities in the Iberian Peninsula. It is ever sunny and boasts some of the most authentic attractions, as well as the presence of some of the most welcoming people. One thing’s for certain – and any traveler to Spain will vouch for this – Spaniards do know how to make tourism and Costa Blanca has so many beautiful things to offer and to show that really, their task is not made any harder.

Just walking around the city is a wonder; as an alternative, you can get in touch with a local private airport transfer service and book your car and chauffeur for a personalized Alicante tour. Alicante is surely a place to enjoy for its authentic air. Spain is unique in its variety and such cities just bear testimony to the immense variety and the inter-cultural tendencies that have shaped this space.

So without eluding the question farther, here are some of the main tourist attractions and most interesting activities to explore in Alicante:

Explore Barrio Santa Cruz: this is probably the prettiest and most authentic of the neighbourhoods in Alicante. On a nice and mild afternoon, you can walk around the Calle San Roque in search of the best outdoor restaurant, bar or tavern to choose. There is music and great traditional food and the company will never be found wanting.

After you have taken a taste of Alicante, you will surely want more, so next time we meet online, we are going to explore other attractions in town!