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The French Riviera, a beautiful corner of paradise

The French Riviera, a beautiful corner of paradise

Today we thought we would give you yet another idea for your future trips; put this one on your travel map: the French Riviera, a beautiful corner of paradise you need to glimpse at least once in a lifetime.

The French Riviera, also known as “La Cote D’Azur” or “Provence”, is the amazing southern part of France, an earthly paradise of warm weather and neverending blue seas. For several centuries, it has been a place of refuge for artists, persons seeking healing, but mostly for happy people ready for a seaside holiday by the warm coast of the cerulean Mediterranean.

The French Riviera displays outstandingly good weather basically throughout the year. The best months to visit are May to September, long summer days being the happiest by the sea. This is an established tourist destinations, one of the most popular and recognizable throughout the world.

The Riviera has been made even more famous by the Cannes Film Festival which has been going on for decades, putting the city of Cannes on the map for filmmakers, artists, actors and producers.

But there are so many places to visit here are cities that have industries of their own to speak of. One of them is Grasse, where the perfume industry is at home. Lavender, verbena and roses grow in abundance on the hills surrounding this idyllic medieval fort-city. Fragonard, the most illustrious local, was an 18th century painter; however, his name today is much more famously linked to the perfume factory that bears his name and the perfumes that are a consecrated brand, famous throughout the world.

And of course, no visit to the Cote d’Azur would ever be complete without a stop in Nice. My advice would be to consider staying in Nice and visiting the whole region wither by train, bus or with a Nice car hire.

This can be the trip of a lifetime!