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Where there’s summer in winter: a stop in Morocco

Where there’s summer in winter: a stop in Morocco

Dearest friends, welcome to a new entry of our blog and a new week of activity! Monday is the best day to start day-dreaming of places where there’s summer in winter: a stop in Morocco today. Especially since for the most part of the world, it is winter and cold outside.

It is said that the wise one knows there is a time for everything. Well, there is a time to rest and a time to travel – also a time to dream. But interrupting this dangerous train of rather philosophical thought, let’s focus on the two escape places we have chosen for today. To say it is summer over there right now would be, granted, a bit of an overstatement. But with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius, you must admit it is at any rate warmer than it is in England for instance on most summer days.

So where to go once in Morocco? If you rent a car and get a map of the place, you can go to pretty much any place in this colorful intercultural maze. But if you want a suggestion, for those of you who enjoy hiking and being outdoors, the breathtaking Ameln Valley is an ideal option. There is much to explore in this Tiznit Province at the heart of the region of Souss-Massa-Draa. Along the smooth slopes, scattered around the valley, you can visit one of the 26 traditional villages and experience the local life. One such village is Oumesnat, a peek into the Berber culture.

As we have reminded previously, Morocco has been influenced by various cultures along the long course of time: from the ancient Romans to the Berbers, the Islamic societies and more recently, the French and the Spanish controlled this region, turning it into the eclectic universe it is today, so regardless of your origins, nationality and background, you will feel most welcome here. Plus, you have the chance to escape winter!