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Where there’s summer in winter: a stop in Malta

Where there’s summer in winter: a stop in Malta

Dearest friends, welcome back! Did you think we had finished the list of places where there’s summer in winter: a stop in Malta is in for today!

With hot summers and mild winters, the climate of this Mediterranean heaven-island has attracted hundreds of tourists throughout the centuries. The beauty of the architecture and the impressively preserved ancient relics, the extremely varied and fascinating culture, the cuisine and the wonderfully welcoming people are just as many reasons that lure tourists to this spectacular haven.

The amazing island-country of Malta is perhaps the most evoking place of the old Byzantium. The long-lost Eastern Roman Empire comes back to life in short glimpses as one walks along the old cobblestone streets and gaze upon the medieval architecture.

In the small secluded town of Milqi, you can admire the St Paul Roman Villa, which was erected by the Ancient Romans and extensively inhabited by the Byzantines. As the name would suggest, the villa provided temporary shelter to St. Paul, who was shipwrecked in Malta in 58 AD.

Another stop in the historical incursion through Byzantine Malta must be Rabat. There is another Roman Villa in Rabat, where you can walk along the courtyard admiring the mosaics adorning it. Rabat also boasts of a beautiful collection of early Byzantine frescoes at the St. Agatha’s catacombs.

As for Mdina, another symbol of Malta, you simply must see the Greek Gate, one of the entrances to the old town.

These are just a few examples of Maltese symbols you can admire. If you need help getting around town, you can take a Malta rent a car or book a cheap Malta airport  transfer or a Malta sightseeing tour. And considering the fact that it’s sunny and almost 20 degrees Celsius outside, I say a trip to Malta would be a pretty nice European escape from winter.