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Traveling during the low season

Traveling during the low season

Welcome back, dearest friends! The new year has started and we already feel exhausted – granted, coming back to work after a holiday does that to one. Isn’t it time to plan a new vacation, the first for the year?

Traveling during the low season is the choice of the smart. Of course we all want to spend the holidays somewhere nice, but travel agencies, hotels and transport companies who must make a living off traveling activities all year round will always jump at the opportunity to boost their earnings at times of great demand and are forced to lower their prices during less wanted periods.

Generally, from January, after the boom on New Year’s Eve, and until the Easter in spring, the whole Western world takes a break from vacations to… well, work. Afterwards, high season starts for good in summer (with July and August being the peak of the season, or the “super high season”, when prices soar to astronomical values.

For those of you working on a low budget, but still eager to enjoy unique experiences traveling abroad, there is always the option of traveling during low season. The myths that the weather will be horrible and that you will feel unhappy and alone in a desolate resort are just that: preconceived ideas.

It is true, Christmas has its magical sparkle and summer will be sunnier and more scented, but the advantages of a voyage on low season shouldn’t be underestimated. Firstly, you avoid the crowds and the excessive heat of some places that simply “burn” in summer.

Where can you travel cheap during low season? Anywhere, basically, but our main suggestions are Spain and Portugal. They are all year round tourist destinations capable of offering amazing conditions. Another great thing about traveling outside high season is that services (not only lodgings) are cheaper, so you can get plane tickets, car hire vouchers and airport transfers at promotional prices.