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To walk (or live) on water

To walk (or live) on water

Since time immemorial, people have craved to find a good land to settle and thrive; but for just as long, they have been attracted to water, this quintessential element of our lives. H2O is more than a formula, it’s a magical thing.

Ever thought about renting a houseboat?

If people use ships to travel and experience the lull of waves, others are inventive enough to even want to walk (or live) on water. Houseboats are not as new a concept as you might imagine, but as human dwellings expand more and more, the option of renting a houseboat may become a plan for the future.

It is not clear from the history of houseboats when the first one was moored, but as early as 1905, there were already enough boats used as residence in Seattle, USA. Amsterdam is renowned for lots of things: for its tolerance, for its colours… for its houseboats!

Did you know you don’t get seasick in a houseboat? That’s because they are moored. As many as 2500 of them are currently settled on the city’s canals. A houseboat is not that different from a home on land: it has living space, a kitchen, a bathroom and no engine – it is not supposed to travel. The 1970’s were the time when most of these houses were established.

Rent_a_houseboat_amsterdamToday, houseboats are the symbols of multiple other cities: Paris and Sausalito also boast of the most beautiful houseboats in the world, rendering them even more romantic.

And staying on a houseboat instead of a hotel can prove to be an amazing experience! Firstly, because of the natural affinity to water that we have. Secondly, because there are no other sunrises and sunsets as beautiful as those you can observe by the calm waters. Costs can also be a factor. And you can rent a houseboat for a couple of days simply because houseboats are actually very hip and happening.