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The Traveling Zodiac – Part I

The Traveling Zodiac – Part I

What does a title such as “The Traveling Zodiac” conjure up? I for one am not a very superstitious person and even if I sometimes read my zodiac while having my morning coffee, I don’t consider myself a mystic. But no matter, zodiac believer will say: this is more than prediction or than categorizing the entire humanity in 12 classes, it is an exact science!

The “science” of traveling, nevertheless, is one I hold closer to my heart and one I wish to analyze in depth – for life, if possible. So since there are so many of us who believe in the signs or at least amuse themselves with them, like me, I’ve been thinking of a way of combining the two. So here it is: where experts advise we should travel depending on our sign:

Let’s start with… Aries, our special friends. They are dynamic and athletic people, though a bit lonely. Strong individualities, Aries people like to travel alone and enjoy remote, underrated destinations.

Indonesia is one of the top destinations for Aries. The sight of the Krakatoa Volcano there will take every Aries’ breath away.

The Taurus, on the other hand, is a hedonist. They enjoy luxury and, as all earth signs, are said to be attracted to earthly things, such as financial stability and comfort. They love gastronomy, so traveling to eat is not a bizarre notion for them. Cyprus and Greece count as excellent, top destinations for them.They will love the flavor of food and the salty smell of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. They will also want to enjoy the best transport, so don’t be surprised if they book their Thessaloniki airport transferwell before the trip – which is a very wise choice anyway. In Cyprus, they will probably choose to drive through the country in a Larnaca rental car.



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