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The Traveling Zodiac – Part II

The Traveling Zodiac – Part II

Let’s continue traveling through this beautiful and fascinating world according to our Zodiac sign. Last time, we talked about Aries and Taurus, so today we return to The Traveling Zodiac with our friends, the Gemini. They are friendly and outgoing, loving to travel with friends and family equally. They will probably not be picky about the destination as long as they don’t get bored and they will fit in with the locals perfectly. Here are a couple of suggestions for them: Belgium, South America, the crowded streets of London.

Everybody loves to travel… OK, well maybe except those born under the sign of the Cancer. There’s something you need to know about them: they don’t travel unless they have to; and if they really have to, Cancer individuals will want to feel at home even while traveling. Usually, these are places with quiet and water – like remote islands or places like Maui. But they can be equally attracted to homely destinations, where the people are warm and unpretentious. One such place (combining both perspectives) is the Algarve in Portugal. With the services of Faro transfers, they will be made to feel like home ever since they touch down.

In contrast, Leo natives are some of the greatest travelers of the Zodiac. They enjoy lavish holidays in luxurious resorts, the best hotels with the most extravagant extras. They like to travel grand. Some suggestions for them include New York, Hawaii and Southern France (where they can get a Marseille airport transfer).

As for Virgos, they are decidedly the originals of the Zodiac. They will have outlandish, fun ideas for an ideal trip that answers to all the secret dreams of their wandering heart. Brazil or Egypt will fascinate and delight the organized (and original) Virgo.

In the next part of our journey, we will see what destinations our other fellow Zodiac neighbors prefer.



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