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The most breathtaking beaches in Europe

The most breathtaking beaches in Europe

We want to dream about the summer and going to the seaside already! Therefore, here is a list of the most breathtaking beaches in Europe to look into while planning for an awesome trip somewhere warm and amazingly beautiful this season!

If you want to visit a country that screams “seaside” and “sea life” and is at the same time beautiful and accessible, Greece should top your list. Sidari is a small seaside town that hides a beautiful secret: a secluded beach dubbed “Canal d’Amour”, surrounded by the blue seas and luxuriant vegetation.

The capital city of Greece is also a destination you shouldn’t miss, so if you are in the neighbourhood, rent a car in Athens and travel around the city.

Spain is also home to some of the most amazing beaches. In Formentera, Playa de Migjorn is a long stretch of iridescent sand surrounded by the emerald waters of the ocean. There are restaurants and bars here, so if you get thirsty or in the mood to lounge with your friends, you certainly should choose this beach for entertainment and beach parties too. A word of advice: don’t be a prude around here: this beach is a haven for nudists as well, although folks wearing clothes are also welcome.

If you want to explore another part of Spain, in Mallorca there is a special beach to consider: Cala Agulla beach. This is a very well maintained beach and a lovely venue if you want to experience the taste of homemade cocktails. If you want to explore the city, you can get a Mallorca airport transfer or ask for a Mallorca tour.

Cinque Terre in Italy is a destination all romantics should have in mind. The most breathtaking of all beaches here is Monterosso al Mare. The views are absolutely magnificent and the locals are welcoming.




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