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The most breathtaking beaches in Europe – Part 2

The most breathtaking beaches in Europe – Part 2

The last waves of cold, snow and rain this season are doing their best to discourage us, but we do know that it’ll soon be time to hit the most breathtaking beaches in Europe. Summer is not at all that far away, it’s just a question of time. But you all know the golden rule of traveling or rather that of tourism: the sooner the better. It’s always best to book your vacation in advance to get a headstart on all the discounts and not have to worry about international car hire, hotels, flights and low cost airport transfers.

This being said, we know you’re all eager to go to the beach, so here are some of the most awesome European idyllic spots with cerulean waters and sandy banks:

England just might not be the top vacation choice for most of us, it’s not exactly hot; but summers can be lovely and very traditional here nevertheless. Plus there are so many people eager to visit the UK for all its attractions, so it’s a good idea to take into account that the option of getting a bit of sun is available even here. This being said, we should proudly inform you that the best beach in England, according to The Telegraph at least, is Weymouth Beach. You can lounge on the soft sand here enjoying some cucumber sandwiches and if you want a little bit of physical exercise, you can always go for the carousel or a quiet and slow donkey ride.

Have you written France off your list too? Biarritz has been a ringer for blitz and glitz and panache for ages; France is stylish and beautiful through and through. Its seaside is warm and wonderful and a perfect place to make a happy change in your life, start off again someplace nice and sunny… or at least enjoy a few days in the sun. Anyway, it’s good to remember the beach La Cote des Basques in Biarritz is rated among the finest beaches on the Old Continent.



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