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The greatest travelers of all time – women adventurers – Part 2

The greatest travelers of all time – women adventurers – Part 2

The greatest travelers of all time – women adventurers to be more precise – are again the subject of our talk, so welcome back to the article! In this part, we will get to know even more women who broke the social barriers or the constraints of their status to live life on their terms.

Aviator women are not the only superstars of women adventurers. A very special lady would become one of the greatest mountaineers of the 19th century. Annie Smith Peck would not let being rejected for admission into Brown University on account of being a woman bring her down. In 1895, the climbed the Matterhorn outrageously wearing notorious pants and a long tunic – like a true character. She would logically explain that skirts are absolutely impractical for women to wear while climbing, not to mention dangerous. She was also an ardent suffragette, climbing Mount Coropuna in Peru in 1909 to put a flag reading “Votes for Women on top.

In 1930, Amy Johnson became one of the most famous long-distance flyers in the world. She was passionate about aviation and flew solo from England to Australia, being the first woman to achieve this fit.

In 1975, Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. She is one of the most fierce women climbers of her time. In 1992, she became the first woman to complete the Seven Summits. She has stated that she loves climbing, will always want to practice it and is not afraid of the odds.

Women today continue to keep the pride of their forerunners. One of them is Lois Pryce, who left her boring job as a clerk to travel the world. She has traveled around the length of Africa, to Iran, to Argentina and Alaska to name just a few of the places she has explored.

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