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The most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe – Part 2

The most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe – Part 2

Are you ready for more white magic? And we don’t mean to dabble in the occult – we’re merely talking about the wonders of winter and the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe – Part 2.

5. If you want to enjoy all that a great European Christmas Market has to offer, go to Brussels. The Belgians are very warm and nice people; they also love games and celebrations and Christmas in the Belgian capital city, enjoying a cup of Belgian chocolate and a Belgian waffle. There are several markets scattered throughout the city, but the greatest one is that in the Grand Place, the large market place and the old center of the city.

6. The Christmas Market in Copenhagen will remind you of Hans Christian Andersen’s stories. And you also have every chance of spending a white season, much like in Frozen.

7. On the other hand, there are also warmer options for the winter season. Winter doesn’t automatically translate into freezing cold and a blizzard of snow. In Lisbon, you will spend a most temperate Christmas and the market in town in Belem will surprise you with the best of Portugal in all things food and local products. A special place in everyone’s heart (and belly) is the Bolo Rei – the traditional cake eaten only on this special occasion.

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8. If you want to feel at home and yet travel this Christmas, go to Aachen! This town is renowned for its warm atmosphere as well as for its Christmas Market.

9. France equals joie de vivre! And Lille equals France, so here’s an idea: visit the wonderful Lille Christmas Market and join in the fun and the dance a la Francaise!



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