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The best Portuguese tourist destinations for this Christmas

The best Portuguese tourist destinations for this Christmas

The winter season is a warm and happy time, one to spend in the blissful company of your family, in a place to call home. One of the most welcoming countries in the entire world surely must be Portugal, so here are some of the best Portuguese tourist destinations for this Christmas.

  1. Lisbon, the beautiful capital city of Portugal, is always a cozy and personal experience to enjoy. Though Portugal may not present with the traditional white winter wonderland experience, it will attract you with a slice of Bolo Rei, great decorations and a very welcoming crowd of people. With a Lisbon tour you will also get the opportunity to see the city and even its beautiful surroundings. 
  2. Not far away from Lisbon, Sintra is the fairytale destination of every set of lovers willing to spend an unforgettable Christmas together. A visit to the colorful romantic Pena Palace, a tour of the Sintra Castle and an afternoon exploration of the Quinta da Regaleira will make for a perfect excursion. A honeymoon here is also a brilliant idea, so you might want to consider it.
  3. Porto is the most striking Portuguese city in the northern region of the city, the richest industrial center there and a great cultural attraction as well. You can rent a car in Porto and travel throughout the city in search of the perfect promenade, since you will have plenty of places to choose from. You can also get a Porto tour of the Douro valley, the greatest wine producing centers in the country. And you should definitely document the Porto Christmas Market this year!


Portugal has so many attractions to explore! Don’t limit yourself to just one or two or three cities: explore the entire country, look farther and dig deeper to find the essential beauty of this magical realm!




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