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The greatest travelers of all time – women adventurers – Part 1

The greatest travelers of all time – women adventurers – Part 1

Traveling has been a source of fascination and eternal happiness for people since time immemorial. This fascination has extended on both men and women and it might be interesting to note that, even in times when women had to submit to the social constraints of patriarchy there were quite a few brave ladies who wanted to see the world and do everything on their own terms.

Here are some of the most brave and charming lady adventurers of all time:

Amelia Earhart has been a character in fiction and movies a bunch of times and her legacy and legend live on long beyond the glorious and golden age of the Turn of the Century. She is the best known woman aviator and was the first woman to sail across the Atlantic. The American woman began flying in 1920, made sacrifices to afford classes, slept for three nights straight in her leather jacket to make it get a worn air and flew at an altitude of 14000 feet in 1922, setting her first record as a woman aviator. In 1937 she attempted to fly around the world, but her airplane disappeared near the Howard Island, somewhere halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Her mysterious demise only helped add to her legend.

Isabella Bird was just as fierce, come to think about it, because she lived in an even more constrained society: the Victorian one. But no man would stop Isabella from exploring America, India, the Persian Gulf, Iran, Japan, China, Korea and many other. By 1890, she had already become a household name for her published travel works, articles, photos and more. She traveled until the end of her life, dying a few after her return from a trip to Morocco.

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