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The best destinations for spring 2018 – France

The best destinations for spring 2018 – France

Paris is the endless city, one of the most lively and beautiful places you can find yourself (or get lost) in – whichever choice you prefer, the endlessly lovely and never endingly paradigmatic French capital city welcomes you as soon as winter is over. This is why we want to talk today about the best destinations for spring 2018 – France.

France is always welcoming, a destination that must imperatively find itself on the list of any person that prides themselves for being a traveler. With is ever lit Champs Elysees, Louvre Museum and Lafayette Galleries, there is always something great and exciting to do in Paris. Spring is also a great time to take your kids (or – why not? – your loved one) and visit the fascinating Disneyland. The greatest amusement park in Europe welcomes thousands of enthusiastic visitors, both young and old, every spring.

Paris becomes green and sunny in spring. Though it’s been known to rain quite a bit, don’t worry: Paris will be absolutely lovely even if the rain may fall.

With a Paris tour, you can hire a car and a driver to take you see the most interesting and important sites around. You can opt for this at an accessible rate and book online, best before you leave on the trip, to make sure there is availability.

France’s life stretches lazily way beyond Paris as well. There are hundreds of cities that are well worth visiting, some of them being warm and sunny – so perfect destinations for this spring. Marseilles is a very cosmopolitan and contrasting city. One of the oldest European ports, it has a double life: one intrinsically linked to the sea and the life of the busy port and one modern, urban, with winding busy streets and buildings and companies that make the town prominent and prosperous. With Marseilles airport transfers you can travel through the city – you will love what you see.



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