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An articole on Halloween

An articole on Halloween

Halloween is an ancient, pagan tradition that has somehow managed to stand the test of time and be transmitted in a changed, yet evergreen form up to now. Halloween has come a great way since the ancient rites of the dark Samhain, but some things still remain: it celebrates the end of the light season and the return of the dark one for a long while, as well as the temporary meeting between the living or the dead.

Superstitious or not, we have to admit that Halloween can be a season to be happy – especially if we are kids and love candy and wacky costumes. In recent years, Halloween has become a commercial celebration and a most disputed one – some love it, some hate it.

Here are also a few interesting facts about this celebration:

  1. Halloween is big in America today, so basically we can say it’s spread from there throughout the entire world. But who brought it to the New World? Just like St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween was brought to America by the Irish. They used to celebrate the Celtic rites in their homeland – when Samhain had been celebrated for centuries.
  2. In the dawns of Halloween, people used to dance instead of sing for treats. This takes the whole trick or treating activity to a new artistic level!
  3. The carved pumpkin, Jack-O’Lantern, is the ultimate symbol of Halloween. Once upon a time, in the darkness of the Middle Ages, the carved pumpkin used to be replaced by a turnip or potato.
  4. A nickname for Halloween in the American towns back in the first centuries of colonization was “Cabbage Night”. This is because women used to use cabbages as a form to predict their love life and attract Prince Charming.
  5. One of the best places to be on Halloween is Ireland. Though a modern country now, Ireland still preserves some of the traditions of the season and with a Dublin car hire, you can take the opportunity to visit the great capital city.




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