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The best cities in Portugal – Part 2

The best cities in Portugal – Part 2

Last time we set out in search of the best cities in Portugal. We could only stop by a couple of them, so we simply must continue our adventure today. Here are some more of the country’s must see places:

3. Coimbra is one of the most prominent university centers in the world. The University of Coimbra is one of the oldest in the world. There is no wonder Coimbra can be such a lively city, because there is always an infusion of youth and enthusiasm here. Aside from this, there are the tourists, all eager to come here and get lost around the winding streets of a truly unique medieval town. The University also houses one of the most beautiful libraries, the Joanina Library. This is a place that will feast the eyes of every bookworm in the world!

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4. Many of the people who come to Portugal want to stop by the beautiful and sunny Algarve. Tavira is one of the most fascinating and authentic cities out there. Its history is deeply rooted in the European history, the Moorish tradition and the Portuguese reconquista, so we can quite safely say this is a place that has seen history and can show a lot as well. The natural landscape that surrounds the city, the ocean views and the atmosphere are absolutely stunning and you will surely feel risher for visiting.

5. Sintra is a fairytale reenacted. It is a small, but extraordinarily charming town packed with the most wonderful castles in Portugal, as well as other houses, museums and tourist attractions. All the magic happens in a dreamy landscape, full of luxuriant vegetation and a dramatic mountainous environment.



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