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A culinary Christmas – Part 1

A culinary Christmas – Part 1

The winter season is all about family, about getting together and good cheer, about making quality memories with your loved ones, about resting and being happy and blissfully quiet by the fire, about all the cosy aspects of life. It is also a bit of a planning effort for all the mothers of the world, who need to create and present the Christmas table and build the perfect meal for everyone, so today we wish you a merry culinary Christmas.

Let’s take a trip through some of the countries of the world and see what people there eat and whether it might be a good idea to borrow some of their ideas for a great, memorable meal.

In Austria, for instance, people eat cold ham and cold turkey. Turkey might be a very American thing to eat – the Americans do eat a lot of turkey and pumpkin on Thanksgiving Day – but the Austrians like to bake a good turkey and some ham on Christmas Eve and then enjoy it the next day for Christmas supper. Brazilians, who enjoy a very warm and anything but white and snowy Christmas, also love roasted turkey and have it for their traditional table.

In for something sweet? The Belgians, great “patissiers”, love all things sweet and especially for Christmas, they will bake a special recipe: a sweet bread shaped in the form of Baby Jesus, named Cougnou.

The Czechs have a very proteic and cool Christmas meal to prepare. Among their favorite season dishes, we need to count carp. They also make a mean Christmas fish soup. Apart from this, potato salad with mayo is another “best of” dish. You will definitely enjoy a plentiful meal, coupled with Christmas cookies, gingerbread and fruit salad.

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