Ten best beer festivals on the planet (part 2)

Ten best beer festivals on the planet (part 2)

Continuing our look into the ten best beer festivals on the planet we’re going deeper down under than the Land Down Under.

Auckland – New Zealand

Many are aware that Australian beers are becoming increasingly popular on a global scale, but not much is known of beers from New Zealand.

Nevertheless, they do have a major annual beer festival, somewhat unimaginatively called The New Zealand Beer Festival. The first such event took place in 2006 but has been grown every year since, and it tends to feature around 130 different beers.

Munich – Germany

Obviously we can’t have a top of beer festivals on the planet without mentioning quite possibly the most well-known of them – at least in Europe – Oktoberfest, held annually in Munich starting at the end of September through to the first weekend of October.

The 2012 festival saw a massive 6 million visitors and its popularity is certainly not waning. Oktoberfest is unique amongst global beer festivals because all the beers present there have to be brewed within the Munich city limits, and with 14 massive tents to choose from, fun will be had by all.

qingdao-international-beer-festivalQingdao – Shandong province, China

Each year Qingdao opens its doors to thousands of visitors who come here for the Qingdao International beer Festival.

This celebration is so popular that the area in which the festival is held is now named Qingdao International Beer City and the festival is now in its 23rd year. Besides the obvious beer tasting opportunities you’ll enjoy live music, games and even drinking contests for those who are willing to deal with a massive hangover the next day.

All three of these festivals can be scheduled as part of your holiday through those respective cities, and some worldwide car hire services can and surely will come in handy during said trip.