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Tel Aviv trip

Tel Aviv trip

There are many reasons for one to go on a Tel Aviv trip, Jerusalem is one major reason but those who want to experience modern Israel will have found the best place for it.

Tel Aviv is a place that replaces a lot of the traditional Jerusalem with the very modern and cosmopolitan. Those looking for three millennia old history better head for the hills – literally, while those who are looking to party better stay in Tel Aviv.

There are a plethora of hotels in the Tel Aviv area to chose from, and those of you looking for a 5 Star Hotel Tel Aviv brings you a wide array of 5 Star Hotels to choose from like the ‘Dan Tel Aviv’ Hotels.

hotel telaviv israelThe crazy and interesting thing about Tel Aviv is that it seems to be on something of a permanent holiday, regardless of the time of year that you’ll be visiting in. you can always saunter down a main street and find its cafes crowded and joggers and beach bums all around. Even the business is casual with not a suit to be seen.

There’s a specific type of atmosphere around the place, combining a very liberal and laissez faire kinda of attitude with low-level development and interconnected neighborhoods. A very short walk will take you from the very glamorous beachside hotels to the exotic Yemenite Quarter to the fashionable Rothschild Boulevard.

Visiting all that Tel Aviv has to offer as far as sights go, will take you a couple of days, but the reason behind visiting it is to actually avoid a tourist-filled place – such as Jerusalem – and instead take in the atmosphere, the fantastic cuisine, the vibrant nightlife and the very pleasant tree-lined streets that stop when the Mediterranean Sea starts.

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