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Therapy retreat

Therapy retreat

Going on a therapy retreat can be just the thing that you need to deal with anything that is causing any sort of stress in your life, especially when you feel you need a cleansing and recovery experience to help you get over a particular nasty spot in your life.

There are so many sources of stress that cause problems in today’s world, from personal, emotional, psychological and spiritual so much so that many individuals find it necessary to stop and re-examine their lives in order to fix things or find which direction to move towards.

The problems that can be at least helped by a therapy retreat range from anxiety, poor confidence, low self-esteem and depression, whilst at the same time such a retreat can help with personal growth, lifestyle changes, spiritual concerns or simply just offer you a chance to decompress and de-stress.

Going on a therapy retreat can act as a great alternative to the more expensive and formal counseling sessions, in case those don’t show results.

Those who need to prevent and treat addiction can benefit tremendously from this approach, especially in a place such as Retorno where they will be helped by world-class therapists and enjoy Middle-Eastern menus and sessions of horseback riding through the holy land.

The 5-day cleansing and recovery package will have you riding through the very exclusive Tzora vineyards and simply enjoy what the regions has to offer and immerse yourself in the beautiful local culture.

The Retorno Equine Experience was designed to help you deal with everything that is stressing you, whether it’s relationships – with other or yourself, or you overeat, oversleep or whether you’re an alcoholic or a workaholic. With the help of the professionally trained staff who will guide you through the 5-day therapy experience you’ll be able to get control of your life.



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