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Stay fit and healthy during your vacation: 5 tips

Stay fit and healthy during your vacation: 5 tips

It is still summer – one more month to go, at least – and everybody is dreaming of a perfect holiday escape. But there is more than planning and packing: life and health need to be a priority at all times, so let’s check out some simple ways to Stay fit and healthy during your vacation: 5 tips!

1. Walking: it’s an amazing remedy for so many ailments and really you need no particular sports aptitude to do this. The basic thing is to opt for running (or at least walking) shoes and comfy clothes while you go sightseeing or exploring instead of go the easy (expensive) way, by car or cab.

2. Light meals instead of heavy culinary experimentation is our new logical piece of advice: the cuisine is in itself a travel attraction, and the impulse to taste new things while on holiday is almost irrepressible. But unless you want to spend your next year losing the extra weight, experiment with moderation.

3. Wake up early! We know this is a tough one, after an entire year of getting up forced every day, the vacation looks like an oasis of freedom, when you can sleep late and do all you want to do. Well, actually, if you wake up early and have a frugal meal and go for a short run or at least a walk, you will find you will truly feel brand new!

4. Water sports/ mountain sports: no matter your destination of choice, if you are a bit into sports, there are ways to find activities to keep you entertained and in shape. If you are vacationing someplace at the seaside, the choice is great: Surfing, swimming, beach volleyball, scuba diving and many others. But this does not mean a trip to the mountains is in any way less interesting; you can bike, hike or walk all you want in the crisp clean air!

5. Dance: really, it is one of the best “cardio” exercises!

For more details, hear from a bodybuilder: Lorne Marr.