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3 Great Destinations to Visit to Take up a New Sport

3 Great Destinations to Visit to Take up a New Sport

Austria for Skiing

Austria is one of the world’s top skiing destinations because it has year round snow and a multitude of slopes to choose from. Some of the top Austrian ski resorts include Alpbach, Saalbach and St Anton. Austria is growing in popularity in recent years thanks to more affordable prices in comparison to neighboring countries.

If you are just learning how to ski it would be advisable to start with some lessons at home and some practice on a ski training aid. Getting used the the balance required and giving your leg muscles a pre-workout will really pay off when you get to Austria. Then the resort of Alpbach would be a great place to hit the slopes because of the relatively easy skiing options.


Thailand for Rock Climbing

Thailand is known for it’s amazing weather and unique culture, not to mention spicy cuisine. It is also home to some stunning rock formations, which make great places to use as a base for a rock climbing adventure.

In the north of Thailand Chiang Mai offers excellent training courses with amazing views over the surrounding countryside. More visitors choose to visit the southern province of Krabi where destinations like Railay offer a more laid back approach to learning to climb. The views when you reach the top if the wall in Railay are just as stunning as you gaze out over the coastline.


United Kingdom for Walking and Hiking

The UK is often looked down upon as a holiday destination, probably due to the cloudy and wet weather, plus high prices. However if you give it a chance you will find that this is one of the best destinations in the world for anyone who wants to take up simple walking or more serious hiking.

The UK is an island so you can expect miles upon miles of dramatic coastline. From the famous white cliffs of the south coast to harsher, weather shaped remote regions in Scotland. Inland also offers excellent options for walking. There are many options from mild walking to moderate difficulty hiking. Great examples are the hills of the Lake District and Snowdonia (Wales).



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