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Spending your September holiday in the Azores

Spending your September holiday in the Azores

If summer has passed its prime and you still haven’t planned a vacation somewhere nice, don’t panic: spending your September holiday in the Azores is a great option to explore.

This idyllic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean are home to some of the most breathtaking landscape, as well as the most beautiful beaches you can lie on to say, “this is the life… I never wanna leave!”

Aside from a fairytale exotic landscape where the ocean meets the hill foot, where the forests seem to grow in a sedate normality right from the edge of the sandy beach, the Azores have some of the most beautiful beaches to brag about (and rightfully so). For today, we’re going to make a list and offer it to you:

  1. Popularly regarded as the best beach in the Azores, Vila Franca is a really peculiar – and spectacular – beach, one that appeared inside the crater of an old, extinguished volcano. It is beautiful, quiet, secluded and you will be surrounded by the shallow waters of a bay with stony bottom. The beach is sandy and quite small, but that all creates an air of absolute and lovely intimacy. Perfect for couples!
  2. Moinho near Porto Formoso is an undisclosed attraction: now we’re exposing it as the most beautiful secret beach in the Azores – of course, only under the promise that you will keep the secret.
  3. Populo Beach is full of life and excitement. It is open to absolutely everyone, whether you want to take a bath in the ocean, sit on a cover on the beach enjoying the sun of have a drink or a snack at one of the stands and bars that line the seafront.

The Azores are definitely a seaside destination to put on your list.



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