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Thailand trip

Thailand trip

thailand-tripGoing on a Thailand trip you’ll be discovering a friendly, fun-loving, exotic, tropical, cultured and historic place which beams with an atmosphere made up of gaudy temples and golden beaches.

Thailand’s beaches are legendary, and conjure up the idealized image of tropical paradise beaches with tall palm trees and pearlescent sand, coral gardens with clear and shallow waters.

Featuring a massive coastline – actually two coastlines – the country features jungle-topped islands anchored in azure waters, with dramatic limestone mountains standing guard over them from place to place.

This archipelago paradise features a bunch of various attractions and distractions, from the gentle surf of Bang Saphan Yai, to diving with whale sharks in Ko Tao, to scaling sea cliffs, learning to kiteboard or simply lounging around on a beach or recuperating at a health resort, the options and opportunities are countless.

In Thailand the celestial world is closely linked to the real world, Buddhist religious devotion, celebrations and rituals being a colorful and ubiquitous spectacle to watch.

The gleaming temples and golden Buddhas frame the entire landscape whether it’s the rural or the mode modern urban one. Ancient banyan trees can be seen ceremoniously wrapped in sacred cloth to honor resident spirits and fortune-bringing shrines decorate everything from a humble noodle house to the largest of malls.

As the case is with pretty much any other country that you might be visiting, experiencing the place’s cuisine is something of a must-do, and Thailand is one place where this can prove to be a whole new world to discover in itself.

There’s a reason why Thai restaurants have spread around the globe and are popular but nothing can be as tasty as it is in its native setting, because all Thai dishes rely on fresh and local ingredients, so depending on which region of the country or island you visit, the experience will always be something unique and particular.

We’ll look into Thailand in more detail in the future, till then consider some Thailand car hire services for when you do get there.