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A secret Lisbon – Top unknown attractions – Part 2

A secret Lisbon – Top unknown attractions – Part 2

Dear friends, we were happy to know you’ve enjoyed the first part of our exploration, so today we are back with a secret Lisbon – Top unknown attractions – Part 2. Let’s see what’s left to explore on an innovative and creative trip, where you want to discover more than the usual tourist attractions.

So here are some more of the hidden spots as advised by the locals:

The Portuguese fish a lot, as you might have heard. Basically their history is linked to fishing and to the sea (well, the ocean in fact). And cod fish is probably the most popular sort. If you like Portuguese fish dishes and you want to take a chance on cooking them yourself while in Lisbon, you will be happy to know there is a spot where you can do that: buy fresh salted cod. This spot is the Manteigaria Silva Salted Cod Fish Market.

Do you want to sample Paris in Lisbon? You can if you visit the Chiado neighbourhood, a surrealistic spot where France meets Portugal in a side of town with French architecture and a magnificent ice cream shop with a yellow facade you simply cannot miss.

Last time we discussed about Alfama, one of the most picturesque and oldest neighbourhoods in Lisbon, and how it’s a wonderful experience to go there to visit. But there are other places worth our attention as well, such as the network of winding narrow cobblestone streets from Sao Jorge Castle. They wind in a whirlwind of familiar lines and colorful displays of authentic houses and charming corner shops.
We’ve saved the best for last. So here it is: a 1830 attraction that probably makes for the most weird – but charming – spot in Lisbon: the Doll Hospital, a place where toys are brought for mending. There is also a doll museum you are welcome to visit if you like.



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