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September in Northern Italy – Part 1

September in Northern Italy – Part 1

Low season is here! As the first days of autumn drift slowly by, people start to remember that summer is not actually totally gone. September in Northern Italy can be an experience that gives you both entertainment and cultural enrichment.

Italy is a culturally rich, history rich, nature-rich land and one of the most beautiful places one can ever visit. A trip to Italy is a must for any traveler that prides themselves to be really passionate about voyages.

Talking about riches, the Northern part of Italy is the richest and there are just so many places to see here. Some of the greatest Italian cities are located in this side of the country and some of the most important landmarks are located there.

Here are some places you should really put on your travel list:

Milan is one of the European centers of fashion, culture and commerce. The architecture is impressive, with Austrian influences present and the trademark scenic Italian atmosphere everywhere. I would say Milan is one of the most “posh” cities in Italy and in Europe. You would definitely love to spend a long while shopping and exploring and sightseeing. If you need a car, Milan car hire can spring to action. Among the greatest sites to visit, the Milan Cathedral and the Vittorio Emanuele Galleries are two of the most important landmarks.

The capital of the Emiglia-Romana region, Bologna, also called “La Rosa” because of the red rooftops of the traditional houses here, is one of the most powerful and authentic Italian travel experiences you can taste. And if you used to be a geek in school, you must visit the Bologna University erected in 1088. Then you can descend to Piazza Maggiore and admire some of the most breathtaking facades.

Sun and happiness and a lot of “amore”: this is Italy this September for you!