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September in Northern Italy – Part 2

September in Northern Italy – Part 2

September in Northern Italy just might be the best travel choice you can make. Whether you are traveling in search of beauty, sunshine or another shot at love, this part of Europe is a beautiful haven that will transport you beyond time into a space of extreme, ostentatious beauty and utterly traditional.

If you are aiming for a natural experience, the Gran Paradiso National Park is one of the largest, most extensive and best preserved wild areas in Europe. In 1920, it became the first national park in the country and it stretches along acres of Alpine land.

The most romantic cities in the world is the scene Shakespeare chose to play out the tragic and beautiful story of the star-crossed lovers. “Romeo and Juliet” was a great inspiration and tourist boost for the town. Thousands and thousands of people come here year after year to leave love letters and pay homage to “amore” under the balcony of Juliet – purposefully forgetting that said balcony and statue were actually built in the 20th century.

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And if you want to continue on a romantic tour or if you are planning your honeymoon, you simply must drive up to Venice, dubbed by too many as the ultimate romantic city. Bisected over and over again by streams crossed by long and sinuous gondolas, bridges and bridges connecting the land and sea, the wonderful San Marco Place and the pizza places dotting the old town – this is an experience you and your better half deserve to relish together.

And if big city life is not necessarily what you want for the holiday, lovely little town Montefalco in Umbria will offer you a chance to see the best landscapes and taste the best Italian wine.