Secret islands

Secret islands

We’re trying to keep the cold winds of winter at bay on this blog, so today we’ll talk about some lesser-known island getaways, and we’ll be going to some far-off places around the world to find them.

Australia – Torres Strait Islands

These islands have seen so little development that you’ll be seeing them as the Europeans saw them when they first arrived. The over two-hundred and fifty islands are home to unique tribal culture that forms a sort of cultural bridge between Aboriginal Australia and Papua New Guinea. While there are airstrips and hotels located on Horn Island and Thursday Island, access to the other ones are at the discretion of the local tribal councils.

Japan – Yaeyama Islands

These islands are located at the very southern tip of the Japanese archipelago, so they’re arguably the warmest parts of Japan that you can visit. The islands of Iriomote, Taketomi and Ishigaki look more like the Caribbean than Japan, offering healthy amounts of sun, sea and of course, sushi. Each of them has something specific to offer: Ishigaki has the best beaches, Taketomi features traditional Ryukyuan houses while Iriomote is a wonderful jungle landscape featuring an open-air hot spring.

South Korea – Ulleungdo

Still in Asia, actually located midway between South Korea and Japan, the tiny island of Ulleungdo is said to feature no pollution, nor thieves, nor snakes – all of those things making it a paradise for hiking enthusiasts.

French Guiana – Iles du Salut

The region’s most famous islands is Devil’s Island of course, but what used to be a penal colony is now home to willing visitors who want to immerse themselves in the wild nature of waving palms, chattering macaws and visit the spooky ruins of the penal colony.

Panama – San Blas Archipelago

This may not be the first place you think of when you think about island getaways, but the San Blas Archipelago is made up of a bit over three-hundred and fifty tiny islands, immersed in the warm waters of the southern Caribbean. They are run as an autonomous province by the Kuna people and they will offer you a very traditional and rugged type of island experience.


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